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The best!
The best institution ever. My kids received top class education, and faculty were/are our family. Gratitude is all that we carry.
W Al-Khamees
A Great Place!
Kid R Kids #47 has been a great place for my son. The teachers and the staff are always willing to do the little extras that make working parents know their kids are in a fun, safe and happy environment.
J Morris
I Love it!
Love the teachers, faculty and wonderful experiences my son receives!
B. VanKirk Radulovich
Awesome Place!
Awesome place for my kids to learn. All 4 have been there and every class has had excellent teachers.
ML Edwards
Wonderful & Loving Place
Kids R Kids is a wonderful and loving place. My youngest son is 2 1/2 and has been at KRK full time since May 2015. He began day care at a different facility and I couldn't be happier that we made the switch. Since starting at KRK his development and vocabulary has skyrocketed AND he has been potty trained for months! All of his teachers are so loving and welcoming towards him. He truly enjoys going and I love having him there. My older two boys are in the after care and the teachers in that room provide an engaging and fun environment for the kids after school with home work help and age appropriate activities. Thank you Kids R Kids!
E. Taylor
My Daughter loves KRK!!
Haley is the first child in my family to go to "school." The experience began with the sweet teachers in Suite 100 including Ms. Rose that still gives Haley a hug when she sees her come in the morning. As she has progressed and grown through the classes, all of the teachers have given such love and care to Haley. The school gives off this environment of caring and learning. As a mother to know that while you are at work your child is being cared for, loved and being taught valuable skills - there is nothing else like it. Just an example that Haley also loves Kids r Kids as much as I do- she knows the way to get to school in the morning. One day my husband wanted to stop by a Starbucks first before school and she started crying because she thought he wasn't taking her to school. I love Kids R Kids and everything about it.
We have trusted Kids R Kids
We have trusted Kids R Kids Sienna Plantation with our precious gifts for close to seven years. We are greeted every day with a smile and I am always amazed at how they know each and every child's name! The owners are wonderful & thoughtful - caring as though every child is their own. They always take time to talk with us and see how everything is going. The teachers are like family. We discuss development and behavior of our kids and we work together to make them blossom. The teachers genuinely care about our family as a whole. We love them! My youngest has eczema requiring lotions and medications quite often. The staff is always on schedule and soothes her making her very comfortable with the process. I know my kids are in wonderful hands. We would never trust their safety with anyone else!
Wonderful Mama Martha!
We are very happy with Ms. Martha from room #300, who my son affectionately calls Mama Martha. She is truly a loving teacher who, together with her amazing peers, have helped my son become accustomed to Kids R Kids and have successfully potty trained him in just a couple of months. Kids R Kids has helped reinforce his learning and social skills and he is always eager to show me what he has learned. Best of all, my son is always happy and singing on the way home from school! Mama Martha and team #300, you are wonderful!!
C&D Graham
Awesome Teachers!!! <3
We absolutely love Ms. Ferona in Room 450 and must also give a shout-out to the 2 assistants that have worked with her all yr who we love just as dearly -- Miss Karissa (now in Rm 550) and Miss Debbie. Our son just loves being with all 3 of them and enjoys every moment in class - from the learning, to music, gym, outdoor time, activity stations with friends, etc. Thank you Ms Ferona, Miss Debbie, and Miss Karissa for nurturing, teaching, and spending so much time with Truett and each of our kids every single day!! Love from the Borel Family
Cathy Borel
Shout out to Ms. Ferona!
Just want to send my love to Ms. Ferona. We have had many many many awesome teachers, but my son has been in Ms. Ferona's class for almost a year now and has excelled in his learning. I feel that she always takes her time to answer ALL my questions and goes above and beyond to teach our children. We also have an awesome asst. teacher Ms. Debbie who is also great and Ms. Chrissa who my son has a crush on.. :)!
Nichole W.
It just FELT right
From the first day I walked in to Kids R Kids in Sienna everything just felt right! I was still only halfway through my first pregnancy but knew that all the "good" places would having a waiting list for the little babies. I visited several places that day after KRK, but only KRK gave me that warm feeling. Ms. Gloria was so friendly and informative on our first meeting. She gave me a tour and introduced me to the teachers in the infant class. My son has been going every weekday since he was 9 months old and is now almost 2 1/2, and he has thrived! He is learning so fast and gets so much personal attention. He loves "school" and all the teachers he has had as he passed from class to class. Ms. Rose, Ms. Dianne, and Ms. Rita got him off to the right start and documented everything a first time mom wants to know about her baby's daily activities as she goes back to work. I remember thinking that maybe they just do that for the babies, but I realized soon as my son was promoted that each class had that same personal attention and communication to the parents. Ms. Lucy, Ms. Millie, Ms. Aisha, Ms. Cynthia, Ms. Shanta, and Ms. Ginalynn have all been so important to his development. The webcam is also a great feature for a sneak peak into his day, but to tell you the truth, I had already decided on KRK before I knew they had a webcam! Like I said, it just felt right! Thank you Ms. Lisa and your team for exceeding my expectations! Truthfully, my son is learning so much more than I ever could have ever taught on my own if I had decided to be a SAHM.
S Hays
Superior Learning Environment
My son has been with Kids R Kids since he was 10 months old. This school provides a positive and loving environment for the children. Each week he learns something new and he is always happy to go. The teachers are excellent and seem to really care about the children. I also want to send a special thanks to Ms. Lisa and Ms. Gloria for being sooo wonderful and accomodating!
J Hamilton - TX
The Best!
What can I say but the best! There is no greater feeling for a parent then knowing that your child is being taken care of and loved when you are not there. From the moment my daughter started at Kids R Kids #47 at 11 weeks old, she has thrived in a loving and caring environment. My husband and I will tell her in the mornings that she is headed to school to see Ms. Rose and her friends and she just smiles. What a wonderful feeling! The teachers care for her as if she is their own. At such a young age they are already teaching her so many things. I would highly recommend Kids R KIDS #47 to anyone looking for a home away from home for their children.
Lauren LeBlanc - TX
Perfect Pre-School
I was so nervous when my 2.5 year old started school. He is very reserved and I was scared they wouldn`t give him enough personal attention since we came from an in home daycare. Well I was wrong, thankfully!! He is loving his school and prays for each of his 3 teachers every night. He comes home singing new songs and is just growing in all aspects. My mother also loves the "mamaw cam," she can see my son play and learn from Illinois anytime she wants. We love Kids R Kids Sienna, the entire staff is very welcoming.
Nichole W - TX
My son loves it!
My son truly enjoys the time he spends in the after school program. I love that my son is well-cared for in a safe environment.
T. Schaupp - TX
Above and Beyond
My son has thrived at Kids r Kids #47. The teachers have been outstanding and seem to really love the children. I would recommend this daycare to anyone!!
Jill Hamilton - TX
A Loving Environment
We started at Kids R Kids #47 when they opened their doors in October 2007. I have 2 daughters that love the teachers. The ladies at the desk are always greeting you as you walk in the door and are always there to give you a helping hand. The teachers are educated and love their kids. The center is always clean. I love the different acivities my children are exposed to and my girls love all the field trips, splash days, and wheelie days. It is pretty sad when your 5 year old is teaching you spanish (sad, but love it). I could not ask for a better place!!!!
Christine Spano - TX
Extraordinary Environment
All of the staff at Kids R Kids are wonderful! They really take those extra steps to make us feel like our kids are in their "second home" and are well cared for. I recommend this Kids R Kids to anyone looking for child care in the area!
Angie Rodkey - TX
A Wonderful Place
Kids R Kids #47 is a wonderful place for children. My only wish is that it would have existed from the time my little girl was born. Instead we were fortunate enough to enroll her at Kids R Kids from opening day October 22, 2007 when she was 17 months old. At Kids R Kids my little one is exposed to so many different activities in addition to learning how to interact with other children her age, to follow directions, and to respect adults. I feel that my child has thrived in this environment. The teachers are wonderful and the extracurricular activities included in the tuition are amazing. Gym class, Spanish, Opus One Music, Arts Alive Dancing, Splash Days in the summer and several fun field trips have made the program more enriching for my little angel. The daily curriculum exposes her to different formats of play, songs, cultures, environment, vocabulary, and hands on experience with artistic imagination. The administrative staff has always been responsive and supportive whenever I had any type of concern. Most important to me, has been the on line camera so that I can check in on my little any time I want. Through this venue, I have been able to observe almost all the activities that my little does daily. This is definitely a wonderful place. I highly recommend Kids R Kids #47 to anyone looking for a home away from home for their little ones.
G. Procter - TX
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