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Sienna Plantation Infant Care Tips: Coping with teething

Posted on 12-10-2014


The teething stage of infancy can be challenging for parents and difficult for babies. This is a time that takes special patience and care from parents. Teething is a sign of healthy development in infants, but it will be a different experience for each infant. Some cope very well, while others become fussy and may not sleep or feed well. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Sienna Plantation offers the following information about this stage of your child’s development:

What to expect

Teething comes in various stages. The teeth come in sequential pairs starting with the front incisors. The process begins between three to five days before the teeth begin pushing through. You may notice your child chewing on his or her fingers or drooling, and teething infants can become fussy. The age for teething can be as early as three months or can be later on up to one year of age. Once the teeth are in, the pain will normally quickly subside.

How you can help

Your child may start putting objects within grasp into his or her mouth to try to relieve the pressure or pain. While there are many techniques and remedies available, you need to discuss any treatment with your pediatrician first. Even trying something simple like using a cool, damp cloth on the gums needs to be done with a doctors recommendation. If the pain becomes worse and your child stops eating or sleeping, consult a pediatric professional.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Sienna Plantation in Missouri City, Texas, has years of experience with infant care. For information on our child care services or our exclusive Brain Waves™ Curriculum, which focuses specifically on brain development in young children, contact us today.

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