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Teaching Preschoolers about Warm Weather

Posted on 03-28-2017

From the short and icy days of winter emerges spring, a time of sunshine, warmth and rebirth. Your preschool child may be wondering why the seasons change and how this affects the weather year round. If you’re looking for the best way to explain the reason for the season, we’re here to help.

The Earth’s Tilt

The Earth sits on a slight tilt of about 23.5 degrees. Because of this tilt, different areas of the world are hit with more (or less) sunlight and warmth than others throughout the year. These changes in weather are broken up into four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring.

Spring lasts from March until May, and brings many positive changes to the environment. Flowers are in full bloom, the days last longer, trees are blooming with new leaves, and rainfall is much more frequent. Best of all, the weather warms up and allows you and your loved ones to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Earth in Bloom

So, what kinds of things can your preschooler expect as temperatures rise this spring? Flavorful fruits such as mango, oranges, pineapple and honeydew are in season March through May. Warmer temperatures, along with many rainy days, can affect your yard and crops, so keep a close eye on your lawn. You might want to invest in a bottle of bug spray, because, unfortunately, the new life of spring doesn’t exclude bees, flies, and pesky mosquitos.

Spring Fun

From family picnics to planting a garden of flowers, to enjoying some time by the pool, there are countless ways to get your preschool children excited about the new season. If your family doesn’t live near a large body of water, you can always turn on the sprinklers in the backyard and let your kiddos run wild.

Get creative, enjoy the warmer weather this spring and remember to stay cool! 

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