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Top Four Best Movies for Preschoolers

Posted on 05-01-2017

Want to plan movie night for your preschooler but aren’t sure what movie to play? Here are the top four movies that we think every preschool child will enjoy. These new and old classics are sure to be a hit. Check them out and catch the sequels too!

Toy Story is a preschool necessity.

Toy Story is the story of toys that come to life when the children aren’t around. After Andy has a birthday party and Buzz Light Year seems to have taken Woody’s place as favorite, jealousy erupts. When the family moves, the toys must unite, despite their difference, to stay together.

Mary Poppins is “practically perfect” for preschool children.

Who knew that cleaning up and taking medicine could be so much fun? Mary Poppins makes the most boring chores into games that we all want to play! Join the children and Chimney Sweeper Bert as they travel to the cartoon countryside to sing terrific songs like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Children love The Lion King.

Join Simba as he chooses between life as an outcast, but with no worries, or choosing to face his past and fight his uncle for his rightful place as king. If you like this one, catch Lion King 2, and Lion King 1 ½!

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are great for children to learn about love.

Finding Nemo starts out with Nemo and his father becoming separated when a scuba diver scoops up Nemo and places him in a dentist’s fish tank to live. His father and a forgetful Dory team up to bring Nemo home. Finding Dory goes back and tells the story of Dory’s past and fills in some of the holes that we were wondering about from the first movie. Both movies are full of love and the strong bond between parents and their children.

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